A while back a person from CrossFit media asked us to tell one story about Jefferson City CrossFit.

Well, we could tell you there was this guy named Sam, father of three and hardworking husband that found CrossFit  a little over two years ago and fell in love with it. So much that he talked his loving wife into joining the box he was at. I can tell you he was the first male member to that box, and times he knew it was best to just keep his mouth shut. We could tell you about Natalie his wife, an amazing soul that would literally do anything for a stranger. And quickly learned how to overhead squat her body weight beautiful. Both became Level 1 certified, Sam CrossFit Football Certified, and later Natalie, CrossFit kids certified. Now both USAW certified.

Then I could tell you about this woman, named Maria, mother of two and wife that found CrossFit a little over two years ago and started dabbling in it here and there at the local YMCA from a friend talking about it. She finally talked Jake Holee, her Fireman husband that it was something she ‘had’ to do because well, she became addicted. I could tell you that she was so absorbed she decided to get certified and train at a box. And finally talked her husband into joining that box with her and share the love. I could tell you Maria got Level 1 certified and not long after got her CF Gymnastics I. Then Jake went on to get his Level 1 CrossFit Certification and CrossFit Kids Cert.  They are now both signed up for a 3 day “Date” to attend Outlaw CrossFit training in November.

Then I could tell you that one day, Maria met her twin, Natalie. Both 5 foot nothing, had inner gymnast abilities, and just as competitive and wanting to sponge up knowledge like no other. Sam met Jake and decided that they thought back squatting  and deadlifting together was the best thing two 30 y/o + working husbands and fathers could do together to work on their manliness. Two married couples, found each other through CrossFit from different backgrounds all traveling their CF journey together.

Both couples had a dream. Neither thought they could make it happen. But their paths crossed for a reason, and what once felt impossible, they joined forces to open up their own CrossFit affiliate, Jefferson City CrossFit.

That could be the story. We could tell you our favorite Benchmarks. We could tell you our favorite movements, our goals. We could tell you, we compete with each other at every WOD we get to do.

Our motto is “Deeds not Words” originated by Sam Casey, because we at JCCF -we believe that this motto is key to success. In a world where so much time and effort is spent on talk, we are committed to showing you what you are capable of beyond your own expectations.

But there really isn’t just one story. We are a new affiliate approaching a one year anniversary in about a month. Our membership grew from four trainers doing what they love to a growing monthly membership. A growing community with 3 more trainers with possibility of more, and OnRamp classes filling up each month.

So, there isn’t just one story. There are several stories of the people that make up our family. They all come from their own background, hardships, paths of life. They walk in our doors with their own story to tell. They all come in with their emotional burdens, possibly physical impairments, or a crappy day at the office. Mom had a bad day with the kids. Grandma that lost her deadlift abilities….

So, we will tell you snips of their stories.

We have Jessi, who has recovered from a torn meniscus and as of late a back injury, but had been powering through since the beginning and keeps showing up to PR.

We have Shirley, who wants to get in every day she can to get better than yesterday. She has plantar fasciitis and still works through the workouts like there is no tomorrow. Even with a hurt shoulder, she will come to show up and we will scale a WOD for her, just to get in that day.

We have Michelle, who fiance’s recently returned from serving in our military, heard about CrossFit from him and now her goal before 44y/young is one assisted pullup.  And now she has done three!

We have Travis and Kaitlyn, husband and wife. Travis our trainer who has been with us since our crossover to our own affiliate. He showed up at the YMCA with four of us there to get our WOD on and backsquat and do Handstand pushups. He enjoyed the looks we got just as much as the Casey’s and I did.

We have Jill Bruss, who is in the middle of her life long journey, has lost over 100lbs from the beginning and the only way is up! She has also been with JCCF nation since the beginning.

We have Wonder Marion: She got her nickname for a reason. Wife, nurse, working mother of three, our trainer, and probably has the back squat and Deadlift records in the gym for a lady. Mark our words those personal records are going to be blown away soon enough.

We have Bobbi, strong, hardworking mother of 5. If you need motivation in a WOD, you watch her face, she has the determination of an army of soldiers.

Nikki, she has also been with us since the beginning, and she has become pretty awesome at ringing a PR Bell. She also has an all-star football son.

Louis, SSrgt in the Marines, and faithfully brings his Marine Corp poolies a once or twice a month for PT to WOD at our gym to prepare them for the unknown and to serve our country.

Terressa,  who recently married the man of her dreams and he is currently away for the next 7 months (out of a 15 total) serving our country in Afghanistan.

Cindy, working hard in her journey of nutrition and getting in the best shape of her life at 44 y/young.

Donna, showing up. Double undering. Running.  Will always leave me smiling.

Ma Merry, one of our oldest member at 62 y/young that can step up now on a box like an aerobic instructor.  That is now able to do a most beautiful weighted back squat and is our poster “child” that anyone can CrossFit.

Lori, Meghan and Dakota.  Always there to get their work done early with smiles.

Natalie, sophomore in high school whose goal is to be on the varsity softball team. Training hard every day. Daniel, her younger brother, on a journey to be an all-star high-school football athlete. And Logan, as of late, their older brother in the off-season training for high school wrestling. Their growth at the box has been amazing and inspiring.

Scott, one of our first On-Rampers and is a true CrossFitter. He is a poster ‘boy’ for the before and after of CrossFit. He is addicted and his beautiful wife Marya has joined him as a regular 5am’er. They are quite dedicated and often will go on a 15+ mile bike read after accomplishing a Saturday morning WOD! Scott will be joining us soon to be a trainer!

Adam is a top realtor in our surrounding area and has decided that the only way is up. His loving wife Brie, was wondering  what the hoopla was all about and is now in her fourth month of CrossFit. Signed up for her first ever CF competition.

Travis W. In his spare time he WODs. The other 23 hours a day, it seems he works and well, always will give a thumbs up and smile.

Mark M. Pullups. Handstand pushups. New CF shoes. Training for the games.

Chelsey N. Always shows up to work. Even when injured 😉 Her look after a WOD complete is priceless.

We have Janelle and Zach, ususally 5am’ers.  Zach strongman abilities with his itty bitty gymnast wife. Thank you for the pumpkin!

Brent W. Showed up one day for a drop in to be a part of our box for a month traveling with work. And thankfully enough we can’t get rid of him. He also has an epic beard and competed in his first Strongman Competition!

Clayton B. 14 y/o BA.

Mike B. Clayton’s # 1 fan. 5am warrior. Enough said.

Erin R. Great looking back squat and recently engaged to Kyle E. Who has the determination to get anything done and the arm span to go with it.

Lucas and Abby Vogel. Lucas is always smiling. Abby has become quite fond of the yolk carry.

Brittany B. Teacher by day. CF competitor in her past time. Always smiling always ringing the bell!

Kelsey S. Beautician by day, and the ‘challenger’ in her off time. Brittany and her also just completed their first CF comp together.

Bobbie S. Day time warrior. And in the best shape ever. Always smiling and always on top of everything on FB!

Andy C. likes to take vacations, but always comes back. Welcoming their first baby in the next few months!

Lindsey and Chad B. Another strong CF couple and always cheering each other on. High fiving and supportive of all.

Justin D. Award for most energy at 5am ever!

Mindy R. Her sarcasm at the end of my day was often my breath of fresh air.

Alan and Danielle. Couples that CF together….need I say more. They are always awesome. Always pushing.

Kevin and Jen. Always joking and giving each other a hard time. Always smiling. Always striving for better. CrossFit together, stay together.

Krista B. Her first day in the box, she made Sam and I ‘gut’ laugh, and to this day, we are so happy to have her in the gym.

Tara. Never thought a pullup was in her ball park or weightlifting and she is showing up 3 to 4 days a week to do it.

The Lare-meister.

Brian P. The comedian.

Dale Vaughn. Always on time. And has become quite the rower.

Carla and Tiff. Award for best “partner Wodder’s.”

Michelle P. Gets the job done. And always comes back for more.

Rachelle Z. Prettiest little clean we ever did see.

Dale Wilkes. Musician and Back Squatter.

Katrina. Back at it and very quick on learning a complex lift of the snatch.

Rebecca E.  Another beautiful squatter. Young and taking CrossFit by the throat. Katie and Rebecca both paired for their first CF comp together.

Jen RN. Need I say more.

David. Best mile time in the building.

Zach A. always wanting to know how to “be better”

Leo. Apologizes whenever he takes off.

Lindsay and Nick. Cutest “cleaning” couple ever.

Erin W. Dancing before the bar doing BS.

Frank. Football coach and jokester.

Tyler L. Just started and already has his wife signing up.

Kyle V. Another epic beard growing, backsquatting, strong man.

Tom S. He is kind of short……(let’s just say we almost need a taller rig) Always ready for the challenge.

Brett R. Strong as an OX.

Rachael M. She is one month in and chasing David’s mile time. Learning cleans like a boss.

Travis M. Manmaker pushups.

Lori and Alexa.  Mother daughter team!

Steve and Josh. Friends holding each other accountable to CF.


There are more, many more stories. I tried not to leave anyone out. They walk through our door. Finding their way in CrossFit. Finding their own version of “better than yesterday” and Jefferson City CrossFit is blessed enough to be a part of their story.

As the box owners the best part is that more people are going to walk through our doors nervous and walk out feeling like they accomplished the world. For one hour a day, we empower people and they get to feel they conquered the universe. They may walk in with a frown, but will walk out uplifted with a smile on their face. We are taking Jefferson City by storm. Making them better employees, spouses, children, students, people.  We get to CrossFit with our family and the best part yet is this is only the beginning of our story.