Monday motivation – Habits you perform as a parent roll right over into your children. Actions speak louder than words and this family is a prime example of walking the walk.

At Jefferson City CrossFit, you get to learn movement, skills, and strength. You get to participate in Nutrition challenges, learn from our experienced trainers and coaches,and be a part of a community encouraging you to love your best life. And the best part….You get to bring it home. We WANT you to bring it home.

Introducing Team Gerbes – Mom and Dad – Jess and Joey

And their beautiful CrossFitting squad – Jackson, Jameson, CrossFit Teens, Preston, Level 2 Kids and Lola, Level 1 kids

Making the Investment in their health – Priority.

Gerbes CrossFit Party of 6!! KaBoom.
Jess: I’m 34 years young! I work in the Neonatal ICU at Women’s & Children’s Hospital as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner; and get to care for the cutest little babies you’ll ever see! Joey and I started CrossFit in 2016. Up until then our lives had been consumed by 4 children under the age of 6, working full time nights and finishing my nurse practitioner program. At the end of all that we found ourselves exhausted and knew we needed to regroup and refocus. Prior to children Joey and I were fairly active, but all of that was pushed to the back burner and we were in pure survival mode. My sister Jamie( YAY JAMIE!👊) invited Joey & I to the gym and we’ve been coming back ever since. We loved that we could come in as complete beginners and not feel out of place. Even after 4 years when I still cant do a pull up (lol)  I don’t feel incapable. You can make it as hard or as easy as you need it to be. You can listen to your body and modify to what YOU need at that time, because the overall goal is to be able to move when we’re 90! (am I right?!?) I think that one of the best things about Jefferson City CrossFit is that the coaching staff foster a sense of community and self perseverance, never competition.

Joey? Age Occupation? Why start? Why keep coming back?-Yo! Yo! I’m 36 years wise and work as a Missouri Builders here in Jeff City. We started CF because of what she said. We choose to continue CF not only for the awesome benefits we personally see (and to hang with my Roster Crew…shout out!), but to also be a role model to our children. We have to practice what we preach and turn a habit into a lifestyle. We want our kids to know that nutrition and regular exercise are important both physically and mentally.

They always know how to have a good time!!

Jameson: “I like learning the new lifts and exercises” 

Jackson: “Its fun and a way to get into shape”

Preston: “I like to play the games. My favorite is the hopping rock paper scissors.’

Lola: “It’s fun! I can jump rope now!”

FACT: Making healthy responsible decisions now about your behavior physical and nutritionally spreads over to your children. Fight Disease Daily? Heck yes! It starts from home. Lead by example like this Gorgeous Strong JCCF family.