Jefferson City CrossFit is JCCF Nation because of our Members. For that, thank you.

Next week we will have a change in schedule for the holidays.

#1 Regular class schedule Wednesday, November 27.

#2 One 9am class on Thanksgiving Day

#3 One 8am class on Black Friday

#4 The rest of our weekend will entail moving anything and everything from the old location to the new location. If you ask, do you guys need any help. Yes, we do. We would be ever grateful. Just show up.

#5 There will be a slight change to Monday and Wednesday classes starting December 1 due to congestion. We want the best for you guys and want you to get the most out of every hour you spend with us. We are in the works of adding and extra afternoon class.

#6 I will mention this again later, but there will be a small increase in memberships rates for any “New” members beginning January 2014 that have not started with us in 2013. Get your Gift Certificates for Christmas today!

Carry forth and go get you some.