Meet Dusty and Abby Claypool. There journey began about 9 months ago with us. Most recent gains including Personal Records on back squat and cleans!! Come and hang out at JCCF during the day, and you will get to meet this amazing team.

“Dusty and I have nothing but GOOD to say about JCCF.
Quarantine had both of us eating more, gaining weight, and overall living a very sedentary life from our couch. It had been a very stressful year for us full of changes, good and bad. We moved, got married, started new jobs, bought a house and moved again, then COVID hit so overwhelming and depressing feelings were creeping in.

I started looking for a way for us to start moving more and I found Jefferson City CrossFit on Facebook. I loved that they showed people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities on their page instead of only focusing on the extremely fit that most gyms seem to focus on.

From the very first time we stepped through the doors we were greeted with enthusiasm and encouragement. So even though we had come from basically no athletic background at all, we weren’t afraid to show up and try everything. We were always made to feel that even the smallest accomplishment was huge!
That ATMOSPHERE and people there is the biggest reason that we stayed and have stuck with it this long and have no plans to stop. Everyone is so genuinely happy and helpful that even failures are celebrated as learning experiences instead of defeats.
With the consistent help and encouragement from the COACHES we have been able to push ourselves farther than we ever thought that we could go. (And we are nowhere near done!)”

The last pictures are from when Abby said they were heaviest.
Now, Dusty is down 15lb, 295 from 310.
And Abby is down 29lbs, 251 from 280.

There is no finish line!