Here are the top 6 Reasons why Jefferson City CrossFit continues to grow in our fitness community right here in Mid Missouri.


  1. Knowledge: The more we learn, the more we learn that we need to know. Fitness is a constant quest for knowledge. What we have found as coaches, that there is not always one way to teach. There are several different ways to train your members and a dozen different ways that your members are going to learn. There are several different designs of programming, rep schemes, cardio sessions, and strength gaining out there. The more we know, the better we coach. So, we read articles, listen to podcasts, go to different certifications, have trainer meetings. We communicate constantly on learned processes. And the more we know, we are smart enough to realize, the more we don’t know. That is how we grow.
  2. Programming on a day to day basis. We program for longevity and for human success. I guess we haven’t started training vampires, werewolfs, zombies, or your pets yet. That’s why we emphasize human. When an Onramper comes into our opening session, I tell them, when you read the wod of the day, you may think we have no rhyme or reason. When in actuality we have a designed program which is made for your success. The only step you need to do is “Show up!” Well, that and we preach mobility like it’s our job. It is, it is our job to make you understand the importance of preparing your body for a workout, doing the workout, and cooling down after the workout. So you can show up tomorrow, next week, next year, and five years from now.
  3. Strength programming: We teach a lot of dynamic movements. Two of our trainers with USAW certificates, and two with training certificates under Rudy Nielsen and Jared Fleming from the Outlaw Way, worldwide known weightlifting and CrossFit community coaches and athletes. Do you really believe that we are going to allow you to do a swinging, hanging movement with your shoulder girdle, that accelerates the compound of 3 times your body weight on your shoulder joint before you can pick your dead weight from full hang to over the bar. No Mam, No Sir! We program skill and strength to allow you to become stronger, so when we teach you to perform a 3 rep bench press or push press building in weight. We are setting your muscle fibers up to grow, so when you are asked to do multiple pushups in the benchmark WOD Cindy, your body is ready for it. This also helps in changing oil on your car, picking up your living room, carrying your children, getting up off the floor, climbing out of bed, gardening, and yard work. Yes, our strength programming is designed to make you “not suck at life”. Have you heard the phrase? “The strong will live longer than the weak.” Be ready for the zombie apocalypse. Off the top of my head, I can name Carla, Tiff, Jen, Rachael, Michelle, Lacey, Jaimee, Janelle, and Marya. What do these ladies have in common? They can do strict pullups! Yes, these are beautiful strong women of all ages, shapes and sizes that one of their biggest dreams was to do a strict pullup. And now they can. Why because they “Show up.”
  4. Let’s get back to Mobility. Your range of motion is the most important aspect to think about when doing any movement in CrossFit. Sometimes, the older we are we find it may take more than a few leg kicks, lunges, and toe touches to get down in that first air squat. You are NOT ALONE! Do you know what practicing and repeating half ass range of motion will get you better at? It will get you better at half ass range of motion. No kidding. Sometimes our ego jumps in and wants to swift kick the wod of the day, but we showed up 5 minutes late, missed out on mobility part of the WOD, and we may not have the range of motion. We all are probably all guilty of this one. In my years of training CrossFit, I have yet to hear someone say to me, “Man, I have done way too much stretching and mobility, today.”
  5. What I have heard, is “I haven’t had a rest day in 5 days.” Are you training for CrossFit Regionals? It is a significant few that can say they are, and props to them. If you are, and we aren’t aware. This is something you should probably address with one of your Coaches. The majority of those elite CrossFitters are elite for the main reason that this happens to be their day job. Overtraining can actually make you step backwards in your “gainz”. That’s right, I said gainz. Because that is what we ALL worry about . If I rest, my back squat is going to go down. If I skip today’s workout, I won’t PR my Clean. Well, if you listen to one thing above all else. Please incorporate rest days in your training. Rest is when our bodies recover and our muscles grow. Are you getting 8 hours of sleep a night? Well, try treating yourself to that. Did you know that your muscles grow while you are asleep? Not while you are working out.
  6. Your Nutrition. Why do you think Jefferson City CrossFit does several different in house fitness challenges a year? Sometimes, we need that little boost and support to get on track with your nutrition. The food that you decide to eat is either fighting disease or promoting it. What do you want it to do? A fitness challenge will be starting again the first of the year. Let’s work on those Gainz.

Jefferson City CrossFit is here for our community. We want you to succeed. You may just want to “Show Up” sometime and see why we are a #1 growing fitness community.