Meet Your Trainers

Owner & Trainer Maria Holee

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2C022E66-BABA-46E1-A7F2-0CA6A09C356E-819x1024.jpgHigh School/College Activites: Track (Shot put and Discus), National Honor Society, Math Team, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Profound fan of brothers in wrestling, so I became a “Wrestling Statistician” for 4 years.

Degrees: Bachelor’s Cum Laude in Business Administration

Certificates:  CrossFit Level 2 renewed Janaury 2022, Squat University 2019 Seminar with Physical Therapist Dr. Aaron Horschig, CrossFit Gymnastics, Outlaw Training Camp, Para Bellum Series, OnBalance Seminar with Elisabeth Akinwale 2015, Outlaw Barbell Camp with Jared and David Fleming 2015. Jared Enderton Strength Seminar 2015. Attitude Nation Jon North Weightlifting Seminar Sept 2016.

Experience/Career last 10 years:  “Account and Benefits Rep for a Retirement Pension plan 14+ years. Crunch numbers and help people understand retirement. Note: save now. no one else is doing it for you.  Consumer loans and Debt collector prior to this choice. CrossFitting for 9 years. Loved it so much coaching/training for the last 8+ years. Decided to open our own. One of the best decision’s of our Holee lives. Received education at 3 different Chiropractic/Nutritional Seminars while working as Chiropractic Assistant for 7 years. Eat Clean. CrossFit. You know the drill. 5th place June 2016 StrongWoman Nationals in Louisville, KY. Qualified for 2017 Weightlifting Masters Nationals. 5th place Team 2017 Granite Games in St. Cloud, MN. 1st Place CrossFit Fringe Show Me Strength Competition. Qualified for 2017 2018 Weightlifting Masters National. Qualifier Too 200 Masters CrossFit 2018.

What do you love about CrossFit:  When I found CrossFit, I was wondering where it had been my entire life. Best part of my day is leaving the office to head to coach phenomenal athletes. The athletes make me smile every day.

Favorite Mobility:  Hip, Hip flexor.  I need it bad. Lacrosse ball to the flexor. Avascular Necrosis in Left hip since I was diagnosed at age 10. Hip replacement May 2021. Movement is absolutely medicine. Fact: Anything is possible!

Favorite WOD:  Grace, Isabel, Randy. I am waiting for the perfect “Girl” wod that includes BW back squats and pullups.

Least favorite WOD: Anything with running. Unless it is 100 meters.

Owner & Trainer Jake Holee

High School/College Activities:  Wrestling, Cross Country (I was a lot skinnier then).

Certificates:  CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids, Outlaw Training Camp, Para Bellum Series, OnBalance Seminar with Elisabeth Akinwale, Outlaw Barbell Camp with Jared and David Fleming, CPR, EMT, BLS, ACLS, PALS, PHTLS, etc…. Jared Enderton Strength Seminar 2015, Attitude Nation Jon North Seminar Sept 2016. Masters National Weightlifting Qualifier 2017, 2018, Competed at Arnold’s Weightlifting Competition 2018

Experience/Career:  Assistant Chief of the Jefferson City Fire Department. Firefighter/EMT for the last 18 years.  Sold Cell phones before that. Qualifier for Masters Nationals 2016 and 2017 Weighlifting. Opportunity is everywhere.

What do you love about CrossFit:  I love the way it has boosted the intensity of my workouts.  I love how varied it is.  Lastly, I love how it’s improved my overall health and quality of life.

Favorite Mobility: Lacrosse ball to the pecs and lats.

Favorite WOD: Grace, Diane

Least favorite WOD: Anything that requires me to move my chunky body through space (aka gymnastics or bodyweight movements) more than 40-50 times.

Trainer Rachel Marion

High School/College Activities:  Basketball, Cheer leading, Baton Twirler, Drama.

Degrees:  Associate Degree in Nursing.

Certificates:  CrossFit Level 2, OnBalance Seminar with Elisabeth Akinwale, BLS, CPR, ACLS. 2nd Place JD Gym Strongman Competition July 2015.

Experience Career last 10 Years:  RN- last 4 years in Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab.  Nursing career includes ER, ICU, Nuclear Medicine/Radiology.

Favorite Mobility: “Rachel Marion thoracic/shoulder, driving in the car for over an hou