Meet all of 6 foot plus several inches, member, Jared Kesel!

He is 35 Years Young, Father of 3, gritting and grinding away at anything the day throws at him. Including the challenging WOD! When there is no time, he makes time. Transformation and dedication.

Dawn Kesel and I celebrated our 5 year Anniversary this year!  Within those five years we have been blessed with 3 children.  Sarah is 4, and super excited to start kindergarten this year.  Our twins Patrick and Olivia turn 2 this month.  We never dreamed of having twins, and I will say that it has stretched us in so many ways and truly helped us see what we are capable of.  Honestly we are a very simple family that has made sure to keep Christ within the center of our family.  Thanks to God and a mentor in my life, I went from a 30 year old bachelor to a husband with a beautiful wife and 3 kids and still have many goals that I want to accomplish.

My best friend and mentor Travis said many times, “Cant means you don’t want too”.  Let’s just say, I still have many wants for my family and being an example of health is one of those.  Honestly, I saw my neighbors working out many times at CrossFit while we were picking up our kids.  And honestly I thought good for them. But that did create a feeling inside of me that I could do more.  Our kids were just getting past the baby stage and we started to feel like our heads were starting to get above water.  The school year just ended when Eric and Liz invited me to a free class at CrossFit and I decided to join Eric one Saturday morning.  I’m very thankful for Eric teaming up with me that morning, I know I slowed down his workout, however it was nice to have a friend introduce me to the coaches and help me with the lingo.  In my opinion, that is the American way and we need more of that.


The thing that keeps me coming is simple, my friend Travis always says “Begin with the End in mind”.  I think about my kids growing up with strong and healthy bodies. I think about “Family Curses” all the time and I know each generation has an opportunity to change something for the better from generation to generation.  My Dad grew up in a generation of smoking cigarettes and he was man enough to say that stops with me and just like that he doesn’t have any kids that smoke.  Little examples like that ends “Family Curses”.  So that’s why I keep going.  I know I don’t have any crazy stats or success story.  But the goal for my first year of CrossFit is to work out for a year straight on a weekly basis.  I know that sounds simple, however when June 1st of 2018 gets here, it will be the first time I ever worked out on a weekly basis in my entire life and I’ll take that as win any day.

Thanks to all the coaches that still help me improve every workout.  I know they have to get out of their comfort zone all the time to help me and others at the gym.  I know it’s sometimes harder to be the person giving constructive criticism vs the one receiving it.  I hope they never stop coaching and adjusting my workout to make me better.  Thanks for Natalie for a great start with CrossFit ONRAMP.  You all are fantastic!

Jared Kesel