What level of Performance do you want?

Do you set weekly or daily goals? Did you know that by logging your workouts, and performance by putting it on paper, or tracking it on your application on your phone you have already set a goal for your next workout that you plan to reach that caliber if not even better? It’s about measuring your training to obtain results. Accountability makes you better. The flaw of perception can often get us in trouble.  If we don’t log it, we have those moments where, you are asking yourself in a strength or conditioning session, “was it 50lbs or 60lbs that I did that thruster at?  Well, to be on the safe side, I will do 55lbs, because I am not sure.” You check later and find…it was actually 65lbs. You have now downplayed your ability. You have taken a step backwards. All by not holding  yourself accountable.

I have heard I am coming twice a week, but don’t see any results. The answer to that is you are getting “twice a week” results. Come 3 to 4 times, track your workouts  and then come back again in one month and tell me what your results are. Excuses are for those that don’t make goals inside and outside of the gym.

And finally, how many times are you showing up and how many times are you “really showing up”? In this order, get in the box, log it, perform, beat it, repeat.

Have you signed up for the CROSSFIT OPEN yet? This could be your first goal. Until you have done it, you will never know what you are capable of in your CrossFit journey.

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