CrossFit. It is vastly growing throughout the world. People are signing up left and right. Why? Because it works. Fitness is becoming priority. Quality life is a must. Where should you start?

Why Jefferson City CrossFit vs. any other gym?

– We have certified trainers with years of experience that specialize in weightlifting, endurance, and gymnastic movements .  We prepare the athlete the moment you walk into our facility.

Programming. We do the programming for you. Strength and Conditioning. We teach you correct form for each movement and will guide and encourage you through each 1 hour class.

Price. Compared to a certified personal trainer that charges $20 to $60+ an hour, our monthly membership price includes being trained by a certified CrossFit professional up to 6 or 7 times a week for only $99 a month. That is unlimited classes a month with no contract for less than $100.00. *We also have eligible military, law enforcement, teacher, nurse, and fire dept. discounted rates.

Nutrition. We not only will guide you on exercise, but we will give you nutritional guidelines to take care of your body outside of the facility. Fitness = Exercise + Nutrition.  You need a sufficient amount of protein, water, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats to help your workouts and quality of life thrive.

– The trainers will coach you on several forms of mobility and stretching that will help you prepare yourself for a workout, but also enhance performance, reduce risk of injury, and promote recovery.

Community.  You will have all of this along with people working side by side you, doing the same thing. Encouraging and working hard to overcome battles just like you from form, to nutrition, to just showing up. You will have person beside you saying that 2016 is going to be his/her best year yet.

What is CrossFit?

–  A strength and conditioning program that incorporates functional movements, constantly varied, performed at high intensity

–  Use of Anaerobic  activity such as interval or threshold training to maximize use of aerobic energy during everyday activities

–  Use of Weightlifting, Body Weight or Gymnastic Movements, and Cardiovascular and Respiratory training

Why do we CrossFit?

– To reach a fitness level, you may have yet to find.  It is training that you could compare to the training of professional, high school, or intra- mural sport teams but designed for you.

– To get stronger.

– 8-12 minute conditioning that have compound multi-faceted movements in brief time intervals maximizing power output and intensity

-These workouts that vary by degree not kind which is why a grandmother may work beside a high school student beside a task force officer.

Does this seem overwhelming? We understand. That is why we offer a beginners CrossFit called OnRamp. This is 4 one hour classes the first two weeks of every month that you learn all the movements before merging into traffic. On Ramp begins March 3rd at 6pm! Email us at to reserve your spot.

Upon Graduation of On-Ramp:

M-W                    5am, 9am, noon, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 630pm

Thurs                  5am, 9am, noon, 5pm, 6pm

Friday                 5am, 9am, noon, 5pm

Saturday            9am, 10am Open Gym